First Batch Winner of Green Brand Role Model Enterprise


It is our honor to be awarded as one of the First Batch Green Brand Role Model Enterprises in Guangdong Province, China. Winners included eleven international and local enterprises such as Hitachi and Amway. During the Guangdong Green and Low-Carbon Development and Cleaner Production Forum cum Guangdong Cleaner Production Association Membership Conference, at the end of December 2023, our Senior Manager, Ms. Jane Xiao whose expertise is in sustainability and management systems, attended the ceremony and received the award on behalf of the group. In addition, Jane shared Leo’s quality excellence and sustainable development business philosophy as well as green brand building journey in the low-carbon round-table conference. Participants included representatives from more than 500 enterprises.

We care and conserve the environment. We are striving to be green, have low-carbon footprint and be a zero-waste manufacturer. We have managed and are managing our factory operations with this as a priority for decades. We were awarded the National Green Factory recognition in 2018 and in addition, we have set green goals and have been implementing various green projects that can benefit our customers, business partners and our own growth and development. We will create a win-win-win result in the long run.

To achieve the goals of 100% renewable energy by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050, in 2008, we initiated Leo Shaoguan Reforestation Project and promote the use of renewable (photovoltaic) energy which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We completed installation of the solar panels at our Heshan factory in 2023. With that, we expect to substitute approximately 10% of the purchased electricity which can translate to reduction of carbon emissions by the same percentage in 2024. In addition, we encourage our supply chain suppliers to adopt renewable energy and green material sources.

This honor recognizes our determination, efforts and outstanding performances towards achieving low-carbon goals. It also reconfirms Leo as a green role model enterprise in the print manufacturing industry in China.
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