Leo's Green Initiatives

For a long time, Leo and all Leonians have been thinking about our planet and how best to play a role in its protection. One of our goals is for our production facility to be a Zero-Waste factory and a green model within our industry. To this end, we have implemented numerous green operationsFollow Leo's Green Factory Route and initiatives in order to minimize
our carbon footprint and to produce products in a more responsible manner. Our in-house “Green Solutions” are increasingly becoming a natural part of our day-to-day processes and we know that providing you and your customers with eco-friendly solutions is key to meeting your needs and market requirements. We are committed to ensure a sustainable and green future for the next generation.
Product Innovation
Innovative ProductsOur Innovation specialists provide customized solutions and designs to provide you with “greener” products and options. By initiating the use of recycled materials, re-designing packaging to reduce the use of plastics, and utilizing smart product construction, our designers have created environmentally-friendly products which use few materials, less energy and fewer resources in their production.
Water based glue
At Leo we seek out the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials to support our "green" efforts. By sourcing sustainable papers we can offer even more options to you and your environmentally-conscious customers. We also source environmentally-friendly materials for other products, accessories, packaging solutions, etc.
Chemistry-Free Thermal Plate, Computer to Plate (CTP), Soft ProofingOur prepress processes are streamlined, efficient and have the added benefit of being good for the environment. Using the InSite Approval process, you can conduct proof approvals from anywhere in the world, thereby eliminating the need for physical blueprints and courier deliveries which in turn minimize the carbon footprint of this step in the supply chain. In addition, Soft proofing achieves massive savings in paper, ink, oils and other raw materials. We also use Visualizer and 3D modeling to assist you in visualizing the dynamic model of a print concept, eliminating the need for on-site visits, lengthy prototyping procedures and costly travel. Finally, Computer to plate (CTP) technology allows the image to be placed directly on the printing plate without the need for films.Our chemistry-free thermal plate can save 20 liters of water per plate and does not emit any Voss
Waterless Printing. Naturally.
We even save time and valuable resources in our production phase. Our Digital Color Press combines the color and an ozalid version so that you can conduct color and content checks simultaneously thereby using less paper, ink and electricity!

Our printing processes are chlorine-free and uncoated and we use water-based varnishes ~ all of which are better for the environment. By introducing Waterless Printing to our production, we have not only improved the consistency of our printing quality, we have achieved dramatic savings in water, reduction of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the conservation of forest resources. We have also adopted an automatic blanket-washing system in our offset printing presses which reduces the use of VOC solvent and VOC emissions and minimizes the need for cleansing agents.
Post Press
Water-based lamination machineActive carbon filters are now used in our silk screen printing workshop. We have also replaced solvent-based processes with water-based processes and we have greatly reduced VOCs.
Logistics & Other Workflow Practices
Recycle logoAt Leo we use biodegradable and recycled packaging material in order to contribute to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment.

And, a classified waste recovery disposal management system provides standardized workflow for the disposal of waste and ensures that recyclable waste materials are in fact recycled!

At Leo, sensors technology (RFID) with smart manufacturing is a key component of Leo’s green IT solutions. These solutions include:

Green Manufacturing: Through the use of wireless sensor shop floor management, machine attributes can be monitored online, which allows for rapid response and proactive failure prevention. At the same time, this also minimizes scrap and power consumption.

Green Logistics:
Widely-deployed RFID gate doors in the factory track items passing in and out of different warehouses and production areas. This not only automates the process and improves our efficiency, but it also allows for visualization of the material flow. Through this accurate process, we maximize our warehouse space, thereby saving power and fuel.

Green Office: Green awareness is included in all employee training according to Leo’s corporate policy. Also, we have adopted various green IT solutions, such as green data center, virtual office, electronic workflow, e-portal and an intelligent power management system in order to save energy in the office.

Initiatives / Environmental