Leo’s 31st Anniversary Party


Through years of dedicated hard work, Leo has successfully established its elite and leading position in the printing communications industry. To celebrate Leo’s 31st anniversary, along with the birthday of our chairman, Mr. Samuel Leung, a party was held at the Intercontinental Hong Kong Hotel on August 3rd this year.

Thanks to the continued support from our clients, suppliers, stakeholders and the hard work of all our fellow Leonians, Leo has achieved another significant milestone this year-moving to a new head office. This symbolizes another new page of our striving for betterment. As always, we are committed to providing you with the best product and service. During the party, a video that captured memories of the past and our prospects for the future was shown. It illustrated the evolution of Leo throughout the years and its progressive advancement. Meanwhile, Mr. Samuel Leung also gave an inspirational speech about the successful story of Leo.

To express our gratitude, Leonians were encouraged to participate in special games planned for the evening. The highlight of the event included a lucky draw, which everyone enjoyed immensely. Sprinkled with wonderful live musical performances, the evening was a complete success!

This event was not only a night for celebration and entertainment, but also a remarkable moment for our continued success. And we look forward to working hand in hand with you to achieve a more sustainable future.
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