Charitable Donation - Seeing is Believing Last Hour Campaign

Leo Paper Group is dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility and to contributing to society by participating in community events. Recently, Leo Paper Group joined with ORBIS, a nonprofit organization that devotes much of its efforts to eradicating unnecessary blindness by raising funds for sight-saving projects. Funds from our donation event, ‘Seeing is Believing last Hour Campaign” which is a collaboration between Standard Chartered and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) as well as a number of other leading eye care NGOs, provided those in need with the opportunity to receive appropriate treatments.

The event met its fundraising target in a short period of time, while fostering a socially responsible mindset for our Leonians. This success relied on the full support of our management, which inspired all Leonians to participate. For each dollar donated by our employees, Leo Paper Group donated the equal amount, as did Standard Chartered Bank and ORBIS to participate in the donation presentations ceremony.

Leo Paper Group thanks all Leonians and Standard Chartered Bank for their heart warming participation.
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