Leo ERP 2.0 Project Kick-off

Contract Signing Ceremony
Contract Signing Ceremony
We were delighted to announce that the Leo ERP 2.0 Project kick-off has begun, marking a key milestone of our Group’s Industry 4.0 and SMART factory transformative journey. On March 8, 2019 at our Heshan factory, we held the contract signing ceremony of our ERP Strategic Cooperation Agreement with INFOR, which is one of the World’s leading enterprise software suppliers. The project will revamp our home-grown ERP system that can no longer keep pace with our expanding global business and implement the CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) system which is a key enabler to realize our goal to become a SMART Factory and a SMART Company.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) is a cloud-enabled, end-to-end industrial manufacturing solution that will lay the roadmap for Leo to utilize predictive analytics, collaboration, artificial intelligence and other software tools from the same solution to streamline operations for effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. Once implemented, Leo will have about 1,200 concurrent users globally.  
Mr. Johnny Fung's speech“We have selected Infor CloudSuite solution which is scalable and can take us on our Industry 4.0 transformation to automate and become a smarter, more intelligent global printing and packaging enterprise that is nimble, highly-productive and efficient,” said Mr. Johnny Fung, our Group Managing Director. “For example, Infor CloudSuite Industrial will let us respond to the market backed by operational insights that help us make sound decisions while Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) can help us standardize our bill of materials procedure more effectively to improve sales. These are new levels of efficiency and responsiveness we aim to achieve in our pursuit of higher quality services. We look forward to working with Infor to roll out the solutions at our sites globally.”

Partnering with INFOR, the implementation of Infor solutions starts with our Heshan factory and is expected to take 30 months. When it goes live, other sites in the UK and US will then follow suit.
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