Leo Supports Breakthrough & the Hong Kong Correctional Services for Healthier Communities


Collaborating for the first time with “Breakthrough” (a non-subverted and non-profit youth organization) and the Hong Kong Correctional Services, we will support a two-year ‘Say “NO” to Drugs’ Leadership Training Scheme. Aside from helping to rebuild the confidence of young people who have suffered from drug abuse, an important element of this program is to promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle to these young people through various training, volunteer work and community service programs. It is our goal to improve their mental and physical strength which will lead to happier and healthier families and a safer and more harmonious community for all.

In conjunction with other printing products promotions, there will be more than 5,000 young people during 2010-11 who will benefit from this meaningful project.

In addition to financial support, we at Leo are sponsoring the printing of “anti-drug” booklets to help spreading this important message as widely as possible within the local community. At Leo we know that a healthy community is crucial for happy and harmonious living and working environments.
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