HKIM Market Leadership Award 2018/ 2019

HKIM Market Leadership Award 2018/ 2019

We are excited for the first time to receive the Market Leadership in Printing 2018/ 2019 Award. Organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM), our Directors and Senior Management participated in the award presentation ceremony held at Science Park, Hong Kong on April 9, 2019.

HKIM Market Leadership Award 2018/ 2019The HKIM Market Leadership Awards recognize enterprises and individuals’ performances over the past year, 2018, in the following categories: increased market share, improved customer engagement, enhanced brand awareness and increased marketing standards in their respective industries in Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and China. Nominations and submissions are invited from the public for selection by the Board of Examiners, comprising HKIM Council Members and Honorary Chairman. The selection criteria for Awards is not confined to a specific campaign but is a year-long observation and demonstration of marketing professionalism and leadership including: effective marketing strategy, integrated branding initiatives, diversified communication campaigns, innovative media solutions, business integrity and social responsibility.

With a customer-focused mindset and continuous improvement philosophy, at Leo and among our Leonians, we have been striving for more value-added and innovative solutions in accordance with our different clients’ various business and product needs, now and for the future. Over the past decades, we have explored many different communication channels such as regular corporate publications both in bulk print and electronic versions, corporate website and social media platform updates in order to help our clients stay connected with us for the latest news, sustainability directions and initiatives as well as business development solutions in addition to daily contacts with our sales people. Meanwhile we have been researching and developing more feasible marketing and communication platforms that are user-friendly and convenient to our clients’ access in future. This award recognizes our sales and marketing efforts and performances over the past year, 2018.

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