LEO's 30th Anniversary Party


On August 4th, Leo celebrated its 30th anniversary at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong located at the International Commercial Center. At the same time, Leo also celebrated the birthday of our Group Chairman, Mr. Samuel Leung.

We used this special event to thank all of our loyal Leonians for their continued support. Management members presented long-term service awards to over 150 Leonians, who have been working at Leo for 5 years and longer. Guests were entertained with 12 videos, which captured the most treasured memories and experiences of Leo. Plus everyone enjoyed taking part in the lucky draw!

During these festivities, Leonians reminisced about the successes and friendships created over these three decades. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Chairman and all Leonians for their dedication and support of Leo over the years. We hope that Leo will continue to thrive well into the future.
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