Leo Supports Breakthrough’s Reading Proposal and ‘‘Inspiring Life’’ Flag Day

Collaborating with “Breakthrough” (a nonprofit making youth organization) for the second time, we made a charitable donation to support a two-year reading program, called “What can I read for the city”. With sponsored book coupons, students in need can choose to purchase books that interest them, relieving their education expenditures and financial burden. There will be about 10,000 secondary school students during 2013-14 who can be benefited from this meaningful reading project.

In addition to charitable donation, we also participated in a variety of community activities. In May 2014, our Leonians and their family members joined the flag day to raise funds for various youth programs and activities of Breakthrough, showing our care to the local community and society that we are living and working. We will continue to encourage our Leonians for participation in more socially responsible activities.
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