Listing of Subsidiaries

Sales ( Printing)
  • Leo Paper Products Ltd.
  • Leo Paper Products (UK) Ltd.
  • Leo Paper Products (Europe) B.V.
  • Leo Paper USA (U.S.A. Head Office)
  • Leo Paper USA (New York Sales Office)
  • Leo Design & Packaging Solution Ltd.
Sales ( Other Business)
  • Leo Creative (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.
  • Leo Paper Bags Manufacturing (1982) Ltd. 
  • Leo United Paper Products Ltd.
  • Heshan Astros Printing Ltd.
  • Heshan Leo Packaging & Printing Ltd.
  • JiangXi HuaAo Printing Co. Ltd.
Professional Services
  • Heshan Leo Metrology and Testing Services Co. Ltd. 
  • MotherApp Limited (Associated Company)
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