Reducing VOCs Emission and Waste

Our ultimate goal for our Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions is to achieve a reduction of more than 95% by 2025 which is a proactive approach when compared with our 2018’s goal of achieving a reduction of more than 50%. We have been conducting intensive research on green alternatives that progress our reduction and control of our VOCs emission at their source since 2018. We are prioritizing the utilization of low-VOC, or even zero-VOC, applications such as adoption of low-VOC ink and water-based glue, pre-glue lamination machines, etc. in 2019. On the other hand, we are strengthening the control we have over our production materials process while also streamlining production workflow and enhancing equipment layout setting in addition to maintaining the close collaboration with our suppliers. We developed and improved the materials packaging and logistics on the shop floor, which can reduce VOCs emission and their effect on the environment during production.

Aligning with the Government’s Blue Sky Campaign and our corporate social responsibility of conserving the environment, we are striving to strengthen the reduction and control of the VOCs emission over the years. Over 85% of materials which belonged to commonly used chemical materials in our factory are of zero-VOC. Among the other materials that involve VOCs, we are formulating a plan to progressively replace them or even stop the use of such materials. This will be expected to align with the Government’s short-term goal of achieving a reduction of 50% VOCs emission when these new plans are to be implemented. The Chinese Government recognized our proactive green initiatives and participation as well as being a good role model of a green factory.

Looking forward, we continue to research, develop, and innovate within our production processes, our equipment, and our facilities ways in which we can better conserve the environment while also protecting our Leonians’ occupational health on the shop floor. Feel free to contact our sales staff or browse our corporate website if you are interested to learn more about other eco-friendly initiatives.
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