Lean Manufacturing Renew Program Kickoff

Leo implemented Lean Manufacturing in 2007. This year, we are excited to announce the beginning of our renewal program to further strengthen and improve our initiatives and action plans.

The renewal program’s kick-off ceremony was held on September 26, 2012 at our factory in Heshan, China. At that time, our 10 priority improvement projects were announced. Mr. Samuel Leung, Group Chairman, presented the “Responsibility and Commitment Letter” to those in charge of the improvement projects, which clearly outlines project targets and responsibilities. In addition, Mr. Ban San, Senior Consultant of Lean Manufacturing, presented the book “Key Quotations of Lean Manufacturing” to our Group Chairman and all Directors.

Customer focus and value creation for clients are key to the renewal program’s priority improvement plans. These plans include general production improvement, quality management, production waste elimination, reduction of the production cycle, achieve the highest quality and value-added services.

Lean Manufacturing has been in place at Leo for 5 years. As expressed by Mr. Samuel Leung and Mr. Ban San, “This program is led by top management with every Leonian participating.” We have made the best use of the accumulated knowledge, experience, resources and achievements of the program, through the participation of all Leonians. With the official launch of the “Lean Manufacturing Renew Program,” we will strive to continue following the Lean philosophy for years to come.
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