2021 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Assessment Result

We obtained an overall result of 96.3% out of 100% in the Costco Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) assessment held at our Heshan factory in 2021. The assessment is valid for one year and no further audits are required.

The GMP assessment is combined with the audits of Quality Management Systems (QMS) to cover eight key criteria and is performed by an independent third-party accredited organization.
  • Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management System
  • Site and Facility Management
  • Product Control
  • Product Testing
  • Process Control
  • Personnel Training

Among these, we obtained full marks in the scopes of Product Testing and Personnel Training. Aligning with our motto “Quality as Our Root”, this recognized our overall performances in product safety and personnel quality awareness. This not only reinforces our quality control and management efforts, but also reaffirms our dedication to supporting our clients’ needs and our commitment to product quality and safety.

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