Sponsoring Leonian’s Participation in Red Bull Flugtag Hong Kong 2016

Our Leonians, with their innovation-driven and breaking-through tradition mindsets, joined forces to make dreams come true. More than 300 teams participated in this year’s Red Bull Flugtag Hong Kong event. We were thrilled that our Innovation Team colleague, Teresa Chu, formed a group to participate in this international innovative competition. We were one of 41 teams to enter the final competition with over 25,000 spectators on-site on November 27, 2016.

Flugtag refers to flight day in German and is an international event which dares both the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot home-made, human-powered flying machines off a 6 meter high flight deck in hopes of soaring into the wild blue yonder or more often, plunging into the waters below. Red Bull Flugtag first took place in Vienna, Austria in 1992 and has been held every year in over 44 countries including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, US, and Germany. In 2010, Hong Kong became the first city in Asia to host Red Bull Flugtag. This year has been the third time for Hong Kong to host the event.

Aligning with our corporate values of uplifting social responsibility and promoting green practices, we are eager to foster and motivate our Leonians to share these values in both working and daily livings. Dreams will only come true when one can break through barriers and take action. We were pleased to give our full support in terms of materials and monetary sponsorship, technical advice, and logistics to this voluntary outreach activity from our Leonians.

“Starting from concept, design, materials, construction to final assembly of the finished flying piece, we enjoyed and treasured every moment to make use of our innovation to realize our plan. With Leo’s sponsorship and technical support, we were able to use environmentally friendly and recycled paper as the major raw material. Through innovation, we hope our own designed and handmade Flying Whale helped deliver the theme message of enhancing public awareness to conserve our environment and planet,” Teresa explained.

Looking forward, we hope more Leonians will take initiatives to join more outreach activities in future. Learn more our other outreach activities here.
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