People Development – Leo Supports Work Experience Placement Program

As a responsible corporate citizen, we always support and engage in outreach activities that contribute to the harmonious development and health of our community. Aligned with our motto, “People as Our Foundation,” and life-long learning culture, we believe in continuous improvement and enhancement in personal growth and development, which is a pre-requisite for a healthy and sustainable business.

In October, we participated for the first time in the Work Experience Placement Program 2015, which was organized by one of the secondary schools in Hong Kong. Over 50 companies and enterprises took part in the program, and offered more than 150 job positions in different business categories. This empowered students to acquire valuable life skills, and make contributions to business and society in the future. Leo organized a 4-day internship that provided a work environment at our Hong Kong Head Office. Two secondary students were selected to experience and explore their own potential, abilities, sense of responsibility and future career paths. 

At Leo, we have been implementing our "nurturing program" for many years. Our long-term people development strategy not only cultivates a life-long learning culture, but, more importantly, nurtures smart talents who are loyal, responsible and supportive to our group’s development, creating value that benefits society and the industry. In 2014, we held more than 1,000 training sessions; by 2017, our target is for 80% of our smart talents to be nurtured. This is an important step as we realize our long-term goals of being a SMART and capital-intensive manufacturer. Click here to learn more about our People Development and Nurturing.
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