Breakthrough Build & Ignite Fundraising Event

Leo Paper Group is dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility and to contributing to society by participating in community events. In March 2015, we joint “Build & Ignite” donation event which organized by Breakthrough. All the fundraising money is for young people development.

We participated in a fundraising campaign organized by Breakthrough, a nonprofit organization that provides cultural and educational services to young people, and helps to promote positive values.

Growth of young people is beginning to accumulate a bit of life experience, like a puzzle gradually forming the building blocks (Build); and the growth factor can not do without the encouragement and peer around them: a sincere "Come on," or able to light up their lives (Ignite), shine. "Build & Ignite “ action through the aspiration tiling Stickman blocks, learn to understand the positive message and spirit, such as" Be Strong "," stick ", etc., and encourage each other. The event allowed Leonians to build puzzles with children and youth, promoting the benefits of persistence and hard work.

We are pleased to thank all Leonians for their participation and contribution to this fundraising event. These kinds of events help foster and enhance our Leonians’ and their family members’ socially responsible mindset.

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